Please note: This is a non-stock machine and will usually be delivered within three weeks of the date of order.

Pallet charge applies.

Introducing VISTA from Iberital. Eco-designed for comfort and efficiency in use, the heigh of the VISTA also allows for easier interaction with the customer for a better coffee shop experience.

The dual boiler system (one for coffee, one for hot water and steam) and the touchscreen that allows the barista to automate and control the parameters of extraction give the barista greater control when crafting espresso and serving coffee, allowing them to set the precise temperature and ensuring a high level of temperature stability, even in peak hours and high-demand coffee-shops.

VISTA Options

  • Available designs: black, black with backlit panel, white, colour

  • Available sizes: standard, Alto (tall cup)

  • Groups: 2, 3

  • Constructed from 95% recyclable materials

2-group spec

  • Coffee boiler capacity: 3L

  • Stean boiler capacity: 8.3L

  • Heating element: 4,200W

  • Weight: 60.6kg

  • Dimensions: W: 845 x H: 460 x D: 672mm

3-group spec

  • Coffee boiler capacity: 4L

  • Stean boiler capacity: 11.5L

  • Heating element: 4,200W

  • Weight: 91kg

  • Dimensions: W: 1,016 x H: 460 x D: 672mm

For more detail, please download the Iberital VISTA brochure below.

Please note: All images are of the Iberital Vista 3-group standard.

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