Bravilor Beverage Machines

Jaguar offer Bravilor quick filter coffee machines, instant ingredients machines, espresso machines, table top machines and hot water machines.

Bravilor Esprecious coffee vending machines are a great choice for high quality espresso, these fully automatic machines use freshly ground beans for the best possible coffee. The smallest Esprecious machine offers one bean canister and one instant ingredients canister, while the largest offers two of each for different topping types.

Bravilor offer a host of plumbed-in machines for instant ingredients which are easy-to-operate and incredibly reliable. Bravilor Solo is the ideal plumbed-in hot chocolate dispenser, its compact size makes it suitable for serving areas with limited space looking to offer hot chocolate at the press of a button.

Bravilor Bolero is an automatic plumbed-in machine, the entry level version is fitted with one canister for coffee or hot chocolate, and goes right up to the Bolero XL 423CW which offers cold water dispensing and four canisters, with the capability to deliver 240 cups per hour. Jaguar offer several models in the Bolero range, with all options available in grey and many also available in white.

Bravilor FreshOne and FreshOne G are great for fresh brew filter coffee, with a separate outlet for hot water to make tea or soup. These low maintenance machines are equipped with digital controls, plastic drip trays, automatic descale indicator and rinsing programme.

Bravilor FreshMore 310 and FreshGround 310 have three canisters for espresso, cappuccino, chocolate, coffee with milk and a separate outlet for hot water. The machines are equipped with digital controls, plastic drip trays, and automatic descale indicators.

Bravilor’s RLX range of tabletop machines offer a quick and easy solution for brewing delicious filter coffee in as little as five minutes. Jaguar sell three models, one hot water dispenser with a holding capacity of 1.8 litres and a throughput per hour of 18 litres; one for brewing and dispensing coffee only with a 4 litre holding capacity and 17 litres throughput per hour; and one which combines these two models into a single unit.

Bravilor’s Aurora is a thermal brewer. It’s high capacity output and fast brewing time makes it ideal for areas serving filter coffee all day long. Jaguar offer Aurora options with a choice of one or two high or low mounted 5.7 litre dispensers, which fill up in as little as 15 minutes. Most options are available with either a 3,000W or 4,500W element for even quicker brewing.

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