Knock Boxes & Tubs

Knock boxes, also known as ‘bash bins’, are valuable pieces of kit for quickly and efficiently disposing of coffee pucks. Because pucks are hot, knock boxes are usually made of stainless steel or moulded plastic and have a sturdy bar that is capable of being bashed repeatedly by the portafilter, and in the process saving baristas the need to find a bin.

For professional baristas where time is of the essence, knock boxes are essential tools. Whether they are freestanding on the floor or the counter, sunk into the countertop or placed under the grinder, their stability, capacity and sturdiness are usually deciding factors when purchasing. Choose from a variety of colours, sizes, materials and types, including stainless steel knock drawers and rubber boxes, plus options for domestic and commercial use. A large selection of replacement spares such as knock bars and sleeves are also available if repairs are needed.

Selling directly to home baristas? We suggest countertop knock boxes in rubber or high-quality stainless steel with non-slip rubber bases.

Selling to commercial users? Counter-sunk, under-counter and under-grinder knock boxes are popular because they save space and offer higher capacity, reducing the number of times they need to be emptied per day. End users who are extremely limited on space may find free-standing Knock Tubes are a good solution because they offer large capacity, are easy to clean, and have vents at the base to prevent a vacuum forming when a plastic bag has been placed inside.

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