Cafe Essentials

Over the past couple of decades the role of the café in Britain has changed beyond all recognition. Coming from humble beginnings with basic décor and furniture and serving limited choices of food and drink, to the present day where well managed cafes are positively thriving. Many are fast moving businesses that attract consumers from all demographics who want to relax in comfortable surroundings while enjoying their favourite beverage and a bite to eat. A key driver of this growth continues to be the ever-increasing choice of speciality coffee & tea available to consumers.

Jaguar Espresso work with manufacturers around the world to supply the cafes with well made, reliable and re-usable tools to help keep highly trained baristas at the forefront of the trends. As cafes become more and more competitive and consumers become more discerning, the coffee market continues to expand, and in turn so do the list of mainstream essentials every café needs to stock to keep pace with consumer demand.

Some of the most popular examples include brewers for coffee and tea, trendy mugs, cups and saucers, blenders for producing milkshakes, frappes and freddo cappuccinos, as well as reusable cups, storage canisters for tea & coffee and syrup racks. These are the tip of the iceberg of the range that is available to order for next working day delivery from Jaguar Espresso.

A full range of café essentials for baristas and the coffee and tea trade

We live and breathe the UK Speciality Coffee industry. Our expertise means we understand the pressures facing engineers, trade resellers and café owners, and Jaguar have built a one stop solution to fulfil these needs.

We continually develop and launch new products to meet these requirements, and within each of our categories our trade customers find a variety of products ranging from economy through to premium, spanning a range of well known brands, including Motta, Kinto, Artemis and Bonzer. So if you resell to cafes, regardless of size, you can be confident you are in the right place.

With a dedicated team on hand to talk to all our trade customers regarding any special requirements or non-stocked products, we ensure our customers are in a position to offer the best possible range of products to the cafes they deal with, whether start-up or established.