Jaguar offer a full range of Everpure filters for hot drinks machines, cold drinks machines, and ice makers. All Everpure filters improve water quality by removing dirt and contaminants as small as 0.5 micron in size from the water supply.

Everpure filters for hot water applications include options with capacities of between 11,355 litres and 34,000 litres. The 4H and MH are designed specifically for hot drinks vending machines, and the BH2 and ESO-6 are designed for a broader range of hot drinks applications including commercial espresso machines.

For cold water applications, Everpure offer filters with capacities between 6,000 litres and 34,000 litres, all of which are ideal for applications including cold drinks dispensers and drinking water fountains.

For ice machines, Jaguar offer the 2K and 4K filters with capacities of 11,355 litres and 34,000 litres as well as the popular Insurice range. Both of these ranges improve the quality of the flavour and the appearance of ice. The Insurice system is sold as single, twin, double or quad size, meaning users can treat up to four ice machines at once, a useful option for larger outlets.

Jaguar supply both Everpure heads – the QL2B and the QL3B which are interchangeable across all Everpure ranges.

For machines where scale is already a problem, Jaguar offer the Everpure service cartridges and ScaleKleen powder which effectively cleans scale from hot and cold water equipment. ScaleKleen powder is sold in single 200g sachets or in packs of 4x1kg tubs.

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