Choose from a range of products formulated to prevent scale, including a reverse osmosis system and filters for water boilers and ice machines.

The 3M ScaleGuard Pro is a disposable scale control system to protect vending machines and coffee machines from scale build up. The standard ScaleGuard Pro is available in 5 sizes which offer between 1,600-litre and 6,000-litre capacity at 180ppm.

Jaguar also offer two BH+ ScaleGuard Pro models offering capacities of 3,173 or 5,289 litres. These offer fantastic scale control for combi-ovens, as well as for vending and coffee machines.

For soft water areas only, the 3M HF05-MS filter features a 1-micron carbon-block and scale inhibitor enhanced water flavour and scale reduction with a capacity of 5,670 litres or 12 months.

Jaguar offer a selection of cartridge heads for the ScaleGuard Pro range and HF05-MS filter, which are interchangeable across filters in the range. Filter heads are available with 3/8 female connections, ¾ male connections or 3/8 John Guest male connections for different installation requirements.

For Lincat water boilers the 3M AP2-C401-SG features a 1 micron carbon block and scale inhibitor for improved water taste and odour, and sediment and scale reduction, with a capacity of 4,000 litres or six months. Heads for this filter are also supplied by Jaguar.

The 3M Reverse Osmosis filtration system provides solutions for speciality coffee and flash steam applications in one unit, meaning only one system is required for all back-of-house catering equipment including steamers, combi-ovens, ice machines, bulk coffee brewers and espresso machines. Jaguar supplies the complete system as well as replacement filters and replacement membrane twin packs which are needed for system operation.

All 3M filters and heads are easy to exchange with no need for engineer call out, saving both time and money. Jaguar sell to 3,000 trade customers operating in the UK Speciality Coffee and Tea industry, if you are a trade reseller simply login to see prices and order. Not a customer? Register now.