Properly tamped coffee results in level beds flattened to the correct pressure, allowing water to soak the coffee ginds evenly with right amount of contact (extraction) time, and avoiding channelling which can lead to uneven extraction and inferior taste. Executing this process consistently throughout the day requires lots of practice, technique and the correct tamper. Tamper size is technically the most important factor, and assuming all other elements in the coffee making process have been performed correctly, the best place to start when purchasing a tamper is knowing the size needed for your espresso machine. The choice at your disposal is huge with some amazing colours and materials available making it very easy to get side-tracked and make a decision based purely on good looks!

Jaguar Espresso supply tampers for both commercial and domestic machines. Domestic tamper sizes include 45mm, 49mm, 51mm, 53mm, 56mm, 57mm and 58mm that fit more than 20 brands of domestic machines, including DeLonghi, Gaggia, Krups, Sage, Starbucks Barista and many more. The commercial range includes 49mm, 53mm, 56mm, 57mm, 58mm and 58.4mm tampers that fit more than 50 brands including Iberital, Marzocco, Rancilio, San Remo, Cimbali and La Spaziale to name a few. Many espresso machines are supplied with tampers straight out of the box, but frequently these are unsuitable for professional baristas who tamp all day every day because they are not as comfortable as they might be and avoiding fatigue especially in high volume outlets is a major consideration when purchasing a tamper. Tampers are a very much a personal choice and Jaguar Espresso stock a wide range to suit every technical requirement whilst catering for a diverse range of personal preferences.

Jaguar Espresso offer a large selection of coffee tampers to the trade

Precision competition tampers, lightweight handles, wave shapes which indent the top surface of the ground coffee, different coloured handles, mix-and-match handles to stainless steel bases, and different finishes and materials are all available in a number of size and colour options. Vibrant burned orange, red, black, and wooden handled tampers are available from Crema Pro, with aluminium, double diameter, wooden, and black handled tampers from Motta., handcrafted in Canada and used by top baristas all over the world.

All are stocked items and available for next working day delivery to customers based on the UK mainland, buy now.