General Cleaners

For general catering equipment try Puly Bar Igienic in 1 litre spray bottles. A fantastic option for general cleaning of stainless steel, lacquer, marble, plastic, glass, crystal, mirror and much more, and also has the added benefit of being 100% organic, with no rinsing required after use. Choose from a range of barista towels and microfibre cloths, or a handy set combining both!

Descalers are available in crystal, tablet and liquid form in a choice of sizes. Shop from cleaning brushes for group heads, frother brush sets, grinder teeth, and steam arms in a selection of shapes and sizes.

A comprehensive range of Bravilor cleaning solutions are on hand, including Bravilor Cleaner in tablets and powder, while Café Clean is a heavy duty stainless steel cleaner and descaler available in 1 litre spray head bottles.

Browse the range of 10 pod filters and blanking discs in different sizes, including a 58mm Espazzola group head cleaner.

120m centre feed 2-ply paper rolls sold by the roll are available for general spills and day to day cleaning in commercial settings. 

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General Cleaners