Organic Cleaners

Jaguar recommends Puly Caff Verde, a market leading range of organic cleaners, manufactured in Italy.

All 100% organic products are highly effective when used frequently and do not contain phosphates. Products in the Verde range are supplied in packaging that is either recyclable or recycled, and the range offers specialist cleaning solutions for espresso machines, grinders and general cleaning including:

1. Two sizes of Puly Caff Verde for espresso group heads. 
2. 200ml Puly Verde Spray for grinder hoppers and stainless steel and chrome exteriors. 
3. Boxes of 10 x 15g sachets of Puly Grinder Blade Cleaner for cleaning grinder blades without needing to re-adjust them. 
4. 1L Puly Igienic for highly effective general cleaning of surfaces and equipment. 
5. Puly Verde for backflushing group heads is available in 510g and 1kg containers.

All products are just as effective as non-organic Puly cleaners when used regularly, simply log in now to find out more.