The UK’s relationship with coffee and tea has evolved substantially over the years and so too has the technology supporting coffee and tea brewing changed dramatically over the last decade.

From a population of dedicated, quintessentially British tea drinkers and infrequent instant coffee drinkers to a nation of coffee connoisseurs, with the café culture in its prime and flourishing as Britain enters what has become known as the fifth wave coffee movement.  There’s no doubt the UK now has one of the most exciting coffee cultures around the world and the humble cup of tea has faced immense competition from the rise of the latte, cappuccino, americano and mocha.

However there continues to be a growing movement within the industry regarding the craft of brewing tea to perfection and the sustained rise in status of professional Baristas who are taking coffee creation to an art form.

The most outstanding cups of coffee and tea are made with serious attention to detail at every stage and to match this, the available equipment dedicated to the coffee and tea making process has grown substantially in number of products and sophistication.

With over 20 years’ experience in the UK Speciality Coffee and Tea industry, Jaguar Espresso has amassed one of the UK’s most comprehensive ranges of premium branded and everyday coffee and tea making accessories and espresso spare parts for trade professionals.

Housed within Jaguar Espresso’s Coffee and Tea Kit-n-Caboodle category pages is an inspired range of functional and elegant equipment covering barista kit, café essentials, coffee brewing, tea brewing, hot chocolate accessories, cleaning gear, water filtration products and machines and grinders.

When it comes to kitting out Baristas, Jaguar Espresso’s collection of Barista equipment extend across a huge choice of knock boxes, milk foaming jugs, tamping mats, chocolate shakers, stencils, scales, timers and much, much more. Read our blog on The Evolution of a Baristas Kit.

Jaguar’s Café Essentials category includes an expansive range spanning chic glassware, cups and saucers, pitcher rinsers, drinks blenders, dispensers, syrup holders and milk fridges, together with larger scale equipment including stainless steel cabinets, many product ranges have offerings from baristas favourite brands.

When it comes to coffee brewing, Jaguar Espresso offers one of the largest ranges of coffee brewing equipment in the UK.  The breadth of the range extends across V60 and coffee drippers, cold and ice brew, servers and decanters, kettles, hand grinders, drip stations, filter papers, cafetieres and so much more.

And tea brewing can truly be taken to an art form with a contemporary and classic selection of the world’s more renowned brands offering seriously stylish tea brewing equipment encompassing elegant teapots and servers, tea cups and saucers, tea storage, tea timers and tea serving accessories.

Not forgetting hot chocolate, now the third most frequently consumed hot beverage in the UK. Coffee shop owners are extending their menus to cater to increasingly wider tastes and demand. Jaguar Espresso have sourced a modern range of hot chocolate kit that encompasses hot chocolate cups and saucers, frothing jugs and shakers, whippers and all manner of hot chocolate related accessories to make the most sophisticated cups of creamy hot chocolate.

With over 20,000 products in stock, live-stock availability, a late order cut off time, the Jaguar team ensure our busy trade customers will never be caught short. The Jaguar Espresso team are dedicated to providing our trade customers with first class customer service and are on hand for advice and to help source spares and accessories when needed.

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