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Grinders for commercial espresso machines

Smart choices for all sizes of coffee shops

For baristas, there is arguably nothing more important than the espresso machine and grinder.

This equipment can become an extension of baristas themselves. At the top end, there are cutting edge Macap On-Demand grinders with a lot of science and technology on board, allowing baristas to control and personalise almost every aspect of the coffee bean grinding process.

These include digital programming for superior dosage accuracy, grind speed, and come with large capacity 1.4kg hoppers. There are some stunning models available, check out the Macap M7DZR On Demand Chrome Grinder, or if you prefer a different look the Macap MXD Xtreme - Black takes some beating for high end outlets that demand the very best.

The mid-market is packed with options including Macap MX and M7 Manual Grinders which only grind coffee beans when required which works well for smaller coffee shops not producing a constant flow of drinks. These also come with large 1.4kg hoppers, inbuilt tampers, and dosing chambers, while the Macap MC7 Deli Grinder is ideal for grinding from bean to bag.

Macap Timer Grinders are timer operated to remove the need to be constantly operating the machine, and are a cost effective bridge between manual and automatic grinders. When a daily routine is established, it is easy to set the timer to give the correct volume of coffee when required.

Macap Automatic Grinders are the fill-and-forget solution. Load up with beans and these grinders automatically keep your doser topped up with fresh ground coffee that is always ready to dispense. With grinding performance reaching up to 12 kilos per hour they will easily keep up with the busiest barista!

We also stock a comprehensive range of Eureka, Mazzer and Cunill - Iberital grinders.