Brita Domestic Water Filters

Jaguar offer two ranges of BRITA Domestic Water Filter Jugs, plus Fill & Go Vital for those on the move. All options are perfect for filtering water and storing in the refrigerator, or for filling domestic appliances such as kettles.

The 3.5 litre Elmaris filter jug is available in white or black and the 1.5 litre Fun and Funky filter jug is available in blue, purple, lime and pink. Both jug ranges use the BRITA Maxtra+ cartridge with MicroFlow technology to reduce impurities such as chlorine, limescale, lead, and copper from tap water, noticeably improving the taste and appearance of hot and cold drinks. Maxtra+ cartridges are available from Jaguar and sold separately in packs of three, six or twelve and are completely recyclable, with BRITA-specific recycling bins available at participating retailers.

For on-the-move hydration, browse the 600ml Fill and Go Vital range, available with blue, purple, lime or pink tops. These portable water bottles use MicroDisc filters which remove the same impurities as the Maxtra+ and are available in packs of three.

BRITA Waterbars are stylish domestic taps that install directly in domestic kitchens, offering both filtered water, and unfiltered hot and cold water. BRITA Waterbars are available as standard or with chrome plating and use P1000 Replacement Filters. These can be installed and replaced without the need for an engineer and last for up to six months.

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Brita Domestic Water Filters