Coffee Brewing

Coffee brewing has grown to become the holy grail of the coffee industry, and with it skilled baristas experiment with roasting, coarseness of the grind, water quality & brewing temperature, and extraction discover new, innovative brewing recipes.

Shop V60, coffee drippers, cold and ice brew, kettles, grinders, scales, cafetieres, moka pots and many more barista favourites with Jaguar Espresso.

Drip brew coffee, cold and ice brew, syphon, moka and French press coffees now come in a mind boggling number of variants sparking innovation for whole new ranges of specialist brewing equipment which are used by professional baristas and home users alike.

Coffee brewing often starts not with coffee beans, but with the type of coffee brewer the barista prefers: be it Aeropress, Chemex, Kinto, Hario V60, Wilfa, or Pezzetti’s classic moka pots.

Then comes the coffee, the grind settings, the extraction time, and so on. With standards set so high and new recipes frequently appearing on coffee and tea shop menus, whatever their preferences baristas need fast access to a wide selection of brewing equipment and accessories including hand grinders, drip kettles, brew scales and coffee servers to keep them on the front foot, and their businesses ahead of the game.

This competition drives baristas who work in the industry, whether they are starting out in their careers, or highly skilled experienced professionals who compete for the top spot in one of the UK Speciality Coffee industry’s annual competitions, such as the UK Barista Championships, Coffee Masters, UK Brewers Cup, and for the creme de la creme, the World Barista Championships.

High-quality ranges of coffee brewing equipment from the best brands

In harmony with the demands of baristas, manufacturers serving the coffee industry work with passion and energy to create new coffee brewing products to help baristas innovate and experiment. Some of the top brand names that Jaguar has worked with for many years have joined forces with past World Barista Champions and other high-profile industry figures to bring well made, long lasting improved brewing products to the high-volume mass market.

For example, brewers manufactured in Japan by Kinto offer a sophisticated classic look and feel, yet are light and comfortable to use. The Wilfa brewer was developed in Sweden in conjunction with Tim Wendleboe, former World Barista Champion, and the Aeropress has its own barista competition, smartphone app and an army of loyal fans. There are too many examples to reference here but the message is simple, Jaguar Espresso provide their trade reseller customers with all the products needed by end users to brew first class, delicious coffee.

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