Domestic & Handfill

BRITA handfill commercial Aqua Gusto is ideal for coffee machines with a separate water tank feed in food service and office environments. Available in 100 litre and 250 litre capacity sizes.

Aqua Aroma fixed bypass is suitable for use in coffee machines equipped with a specially designed integrated water tank system, no additional brackets are required. Suitable for mobile espresso machines.

Aqua Aroma Crema can optimise water taste by adjusting the Aroma setting to suit different local water hardness levels. The cartridge filters the water just before activating the brewing process.

Aqua Vend is ideal for cold water machines, offering an impressive capacity of 10,000 litres.

BRITA Domestic Elemaris 3.5 litre water filter jugs is the only range to feature the intelligent BRITA meter which measures when the filter needs changing to help ensure an uninterrupted supply of filtered water. Ideal for families.

Maxtra cartridges fit both Elemaris and Fun & Funky jugs, helping to promote better water taste and aroma while protecting against limescale build up.

Fun & Funky 1.5 litre water filter jugs provide clean tasting water at home without having to carry heavy water bottles back from the shops. Available in a range of vibrant upbeat colours, the smaller sizes are suitable for couples or singles.

Fill and Go Vital 600ml filler bottle for on-the-go water. The replaceable Microdisc transforms tap water into premium quality freshly filtered, clean tasting water. Available in four stylish colours. Microdisc filters: pack of three Microdiscs for Fill and Go Vital bottles.

Waterbars are the most tidy and convenient domestic water filtration solution. The space saving filter fits underneath the kitchen sink and needs replacing every 3-6 months depending on water hardness.

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Domestic & Handfill