Scales & Timers

The same volume of beans and ground coffee weigh differently across different blends and roasts because of varying density, moisture and oil content. Small changes in the brewing process can make big differences to coffee taste and aroma, and with speciality coffee now the benchmark there is one thing every barista seeks: consistency.

The starting point is to identify the correct weight of coffee - any variation will create a difference in taste. Busy coffee shops brew different blends of coffee and use different grinders, scoops and other necessary tools while working at pace to fulfil orders. To add to this some baristas will use their hand or fingers to brush away excess coffee from the top of the portafilter while others will not. The only way to avoid these inconsistencies is to weigh doses from the coffee coming out of the grinder, and the amount of espresso coming out of the machine, everything should be weighed.

Extraction time is also key. With pour-over coffee, small changes to the amount of time the water is left to filter through the coffee grounds affect the strength of the brew even if the coffee dose remains constant. Coffee brewing scales help to pin down the right dosage and time for both espresso and pour-over coffee, putting baristas a step closer to producing perfect cups of coffee every time and keeping their customers coming back for more.

Choose from a wide range of brew scales for trade resellers including favourite brands such as Yagua, Taylor, Bodum and Hario, options include everything from basic economy battery-operated timers to Espresso and Brew scales including timers and other handy features. There is plenty of choice on functionality, at the top end this includes precise 0.1g measurement increments, auto tare, nano coating to prevent water damage, count up timer, and programmable on/off settings. The bestselling scale (JAG19423) has a large stainless steel platform so baristas can sit a portafilter or drip brewer on it.

Smaller scales designed specifically for espresso and grinder set up and brewing are also available, with many specialist options such as scales with an impact-resistant case for engineers, or a USB charge option that is great for home kitchens. Log in now to view competitive trade prices.