Water filtration

The UK Speciality Coffee and Tea industry's favourite water filtration systems.

Water hardness varies greatly across different regions of the UK but BRITA make it easy to identify, set up and maintain some of the best solutions for different water types. Because 98% of coffee and tea is water, filtration noticeably improves taste and aroma, and in the case of espresso it also creates the ideal crema and a more satisfying drinking experience.

Why end users need water filtration

There is no doubt the job of a barista is to serve the best quality cups of coffee and tea to customers, every time. Consumers are more discerning, have more sophisticated palates, and are more demanding than ever before.

The bar is set high and serving coffee and tea that is anything less than 100% satisfactory will likely be met with disappointment and a degree of intolerance, which explains why professional baristas insist on filtered water to remain competitive, viewing it as a core ingredient for success.

There are other good reasons to use water filters, for example it helps to reduce the risk of scale build up in machines, potentially avoiding damage over the medium and long term. If scale is allowed to build up and the machine fails not only is it expensive to get an engineer out to repair it quickly, it can also be costly from a customer service point of view.

Common water filtration questions include:

  • Which filter is best for the end users usage - do they need BRITA Purity C, Purity Quell, Purity Finest, Aqua Gusto, Waterbar or BRITA filter accessories?
  • How can I accurately test water?
  • How do I correctly set up the bypass and achieve the right blend of water?
  • How will it affect my equipment?

Jaguar Espresso’s Customer Service can provide support and answer most questions instantly between 9am and 5.30pm weekdays. Advice includes which range is most appropriate, how to install products, how and when to change cartridges. BRITA also periodically offer training days to trade free of charge, if you would like to attend one please email [email protected]