Hot Chocolate

Enjoy heaven on earth in a mug - hot chocolate, one of the UK's favourite drinks.

Cafés and coffee shops across the country use a range of cups and saucers for hot chocolate, as well as frothing jugs, shakers, whippers and plenty of other hot chocolate accessories to meet year round demand for this perennial favourite.

Shop a range of equipment and accessories for creating the perfect hot chocolate

To really hit the spot and achieve the right flavour profile baristas tend to experiment with the type of chocolate, ranging from plain to milk, to chocolate containing different percentages of cocoa solids. More decisions are needed to find the right levels of sweetness vs bitterness, and how thick, rich and intense the drink should be.

It doesn’t end there! Single or double cream can be used to finish it off to add a premium, indulgent feel, and flavourings are also used widely to add another dimension of taste and presentation.

Jaguar Espresso supply premium and economy cups and saucers, hot chocolate glassware, etched frothing jugs, shakers, and a variety of whisks and syrup pumps for making hot chocolate memorable. Login now to order.

With more than 20 years supplying the UK Speciality Coffee and Tea industry we have a wealth of experience and offer in excess of 20,000 items and a late order cut off time of 6pm for next working day delivery to customers based on the UK mainland. Jaguar have worked hard to to source espresso machines, spare parts, barista accessories, and water filtration solutions for our 3,000+ customers who resell on to the trade, including coffee and foodservice wholesalers, roasters, catering equipment dealers and engineers. Jaguar offer highly competitive trade prices and in many cases special pricing for volume orders on specific product lines.  

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