Whisks, Spatulas & Latte Art Pens

Latte art pens: creating latte art is fun but hard to do well and takes practice. Hearts, rosettes and tulip shapes poured directly from a frothing jug is a prized skill in itself, and sketching art into the top level of the micro foam using a latte art pen takes it to the next level. Jaguar offer the Motta Latte Art Pen in two stunning colours, black and red, both have a thin tip and small gently curved spatula to help budding and experienced baristas hit new heights.

Hand Whisks: can be used to mix milk and micro foam to get the right texture and consistency to provide extra foam for hot chocolate and other speciality coffee based drinks, or to combine pastes for drinks. Jaguar sell Round Whisks, Square Whisks, and Mini Whisks, all are made from stainless steel and range from 125mm to 270mm in overall length.

Spatulas are essential for controlling the volume of foamed milk added to espresso. By placing the spatula partially over the spout of the jug it is possible to allow only unfrothed or lightly frothed milk through, and then if required the spatula can be used to gather up the micro foam from the bottom of the milk jug and add it to the drink as required. Choose from two Metal Spatulas with White Handles, available in large size (234mm), or small (205mm).

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