Barista Kit

The meteoric rise of the barista and advances in barista technology and equipment is bringing the world a truly sophisticated and creative coffee experience, now more than ever before. There is increasing momentum in the seemingly unquenchable thirst for knowledge about the entire coffee process from bean to cup, which can be compared to how consumers appreciate wine and chocolate.

And at the heart of this growth and industry success is the central role of the barista and their tools of the trade; co-ordinating the entire experience and taking the craft of gourmet coffee making to an art form. A baristas job description is varied and complex and requires complete command of an extensive array of barista kit to do their job efficiently whilst delivering artistic flair and scientific accuracy.

High-quality espresso machines, premium grinders, portafilters, tampers and tamping mats, knock boxes, barista towels, cloths, stencils and chocolate shakers are just some of the equipment baristas rely on every day to create memorable and special coffee experiences. Discover a large range of barista kit and equipment from a single source with Jaguar Espresso.

Exceptional quality barista supplies from leading brands

The dedicated team at Jaguar Espresso have over the past two decades continuously added relevant, professional-quality new products from the world’s favourite barista brands including Motta, Kinto, Espresso Gear, Crema Pro, Cafelat, Hario and many more.

The industry, including resellers such as coffee wholesalers, roasters, catering equipment dealers and industry engineers have come to rely on Jaguar Espresso for our breadth of barista supplies, a genuine one-stop-shop for the best selling brands. Our trade customers can leave it to us to locate more innovative, niche equipment that cannot be readily found through normal channels. In fact, our experienced staff are on hand and available to talk to all our trade customers regarding any special barista kit requirements.

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We’ve committed the past two decades to sourcing world-class espresso equipment and providing an exceptional service across fulfilment and delivery for our trade customers.

What to do next

If you haven’t yet registered for a trade account with Jaguar Espresso, registration only takes a couple of minutes. If you’re a bonafide reseller, we will have your trade application approved and up and running within hours, enabling you to access over 20,000 product lines at truly competitive trade prices.

As the leading independent supplier to the UK Speciality Coffee and Tea industry for espresso machine spare parts, barista supplies, cleaning products and accessories, your business is in safe hands with Jaguar Espresso.