Milk Foaming Jugs

Making great espresso and finding the best way to bring out different flavour characteristics is an art in itself. But top baristas take it to another level by skillfully frothing protein-rich milk for the right amount of time at the correct temperature, the end result being beautiful microfoam with a silky texture and slightly sweetened taste that adds a new dimension to the coffee. Baristas choose according to the jug size, material and narrowness of the spout, however, one of the main deciding factors will be how it feels in the hand. It also depends on the drinks being made, latte requires milk that has been expanded by approximately a third whereas for cappuccino it needs to be almost doubled.

If microfoam for producing latte art is required a narrow spout will be necessary, but if stencils are being used a belly jug with a fat lip may be a good option. Latte art tends to be addictive, baristas that have learned how to create and perfect it generally don’t go back, and instead, hone their skills to produce more and more intricate and personal designs with their microfoam. The real skill is finding the optimum point where the milk is stretched to exactly the right fineness and density and there are no big bubbles in the jug, and always being vigilant not to overheat the milk. Shop thermometers here.

The best jugs feel intuitively right when they are held in the hand. Adding shapes like hearts and rosettes take practice and patience but ask a highly skilled barista and they will tell you it helps to start with a good quality jug with a narrow spout - you will find a wide choice of these, and much more, here on our website. Trade customers will find jugs in our range from some of the top brands, in a variety of striking colours.

Jaguar Espresso has put together a collection of professional quality milk foaming jugs including straight-sided, belly shaped, mirror polished 18/10 stainless steel, lined, hardwearing Teflon coated, free pour plastic and handle-free. To help prevent cross-contamination we also offer silicone handle sleeves in four different colours (yellow, red, green & blue) to fit 600ml and 1-litre Yagua milk frothing jugs.

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