Only a clean machine makes great tasting coffee all day, every day.

The best way to ensure years of trouble-free espresso machine use is to back flush it daily. Producing the best coffee means maintaining a healthy water flow rate, and in addition to back flushing machines it is considered best practise to soak baskets and portafilters in a high quality cleaning solution with water, also on a daily basis.

Most of the parts in commercial espresso machines are ‘under the hood’, for example the inside of steam arms, so out of sight can quickly turn to out of mind, particularly when everything is running smoothly and business is brisk. 

Reliability issues with espresso machines are often caused by the essential oils in coffee beans. While these oils are responsible for the magnificent rich crema that tops an espresso, they emulsify if not cleaned away regularly, clinging to the shower, filter and the filterholder before working their way into drinks. This causes a rancid flavour that will not go unnoticed to even the most casual coffee drinker, as well as plugging holes in filter baskets which also negatively affects the quality of extraction. Cleaning the steam wand with a cleaner like Puly Milk is just as important, because milk deposits and calcium affect the texture of micro foam and increase the amount of time it takes to froth milk.

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