Tea Brewing

The passion that unifies tea connoisseurs drives their desire to find tea brewers that extract the most flavour from their carefully selected leaves and blends. Tea today is driven by a renewed sense of creativity and excitement with loose teas including green, black and herbal sitting alongside beautiful flowering teas.

However even before the first sip of tea is taken, the teapot, cups and saucers or mugs will already have stolen the limelight and created the first impression.

The best cuppa starts with the perfect teaset.

Jaguar Espresso understand that teaware requirements for trade professionals and consumers differ. Commercial users require larger teapot and server sizes and stackable teaware options manufactured from materials that are robust and can withstand the knocks, bumps, drops and heavy usage that come from working at pace in busy tea and coffee shops.

Aside from the practical considerations of back of house users, teaware is available from Jaguar Espresso in a wide range of styles and designs, from uber modern to sleek and chic to more traditional forms.

These choices say a great deal to consumers about the venue they are visiting and are an important part of the customer experience. Having tried and tested all products before offering them for sale on Jesuk.com, we believe the ranges that provide the most interesting options and create the most powerful first impressions are found in the Kinto range, a unique collection of tea brewing equipment and accessories

We live and breathe the UK Speciality Coffee & Tea industry, and our expertise means we understand the pressures facing trade resellers and end users, and have built a one-stop solution to fulfil these needs.

Jaguar proudly offer a complete range of the products mentioned above, plus tea makers, cold tea brewers, economy teapots, tea accessories and more. So if you need teapots that allow leaves plenty of space at the top to open up and bloom widely, you will find them here. Alternatively, if you are looking for classic traditional porcelain teapots, or those made from transparent glass so that end users can tell when their tea reaches that ‘just right’ colour, you are in the right place. Please note that some ranges are exclusively distributed to the UK Speciality Coffee & Tea industry by Jaguar.

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