Jaguar supply brushes specially designed for cleaning group heads, steam wands, syrup pumps, dispensers, pourers, bottles and jars, and also general cleaning of surfaces, crockery and equipment.

Choose branded brushes from Crema Pro, Cafelat and Pallo as well as unbranded options. General cleaning brushes are great for brushing away coffee grounds and are available in different shapes & materials including polyester and nylon, and in sizes from 145mm to 250mm in length.

Specialist group head cleaning brushes from Jaguar offer different types of added value. Some contain fins to direct hot water away from the hands when in use, many have angled heads for easier access into the group head, and others offer built-in scoops for easily measuring out 1.5g to 3g of cleaning powder.

To make steam wands as easy as possible to clean Jaguar offer unbranded pipe brushes from 210mm to 432mm in length and bristle diameters from 5mm to 12mm, plus a tapered option with 6mm diameter at the top end and 23mm at the base. For a premium option, try the Pallo Steamy Wanda, available in red with 7.2mm diameter bristles and green with 6mm. Both have a handle designed for comfort, while the Milk Frother Brush Set has three brush sizes for different milk frothers and includes a steam tip cleaning wand.

Jaguar’s Grinder Teeth Cleaning brush is equipped with stainless steel teeth, making it robust enough to remove traces of coffee from grinder blades in commercial or domestic grinders.

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