Brita Commercial Water Filters

Jaguar offer BRITA water filter solutions for all sizes of beverage machines, dishwashers, combi-ovens & steamers and specialist options for the UK Speciality Coffee and Tea industry, alongside a comprehensive range of water filtration accessories and spares.

BRITA water filters reduce limescale and other water impurities with the immediate benefit of improving drinking water quality, and over time leading to reduced risk of machine breakdown. End users also save money because changing filters is quick and easy and does not require a site visit from an engineer.

A brand that inspires confidence worldwide, BRITA places a strong focus on the environment, and all cartridges are 100% recyclable, just send used units back to Jaguar and we will do the rest!

The Purity C range is perfect for small to medium beverage machines and utilises a filter and head system where the entire filter is replaced when capacity is reached. All filters can be installed vertically or horizontally for convenience. For hard water areas, Purity C offers five options with between 600 litres and 11,500 litres capacity depending on the bypass setting. For soft water areas, there are two Purity C options, the Purity C 50 for hot water applications with a 12,000 litre capacity, and the Purity C 1000 AC for cold water applications with a 10,000 litre capacity. Jaguar offers 30% heads and 0-70% heads which fit all Purity C models.

The Purity Quell range is designed for the higher duty requirements of larger beverage machines. The system can be installed horizontally or vertically and when capacity is reached the inner cartridge only is replaced. There are three system sizes available within the Quell range offering up to 13,187 litre capacity depending on the bypass. Each system is available with or without a display, and replacement cartridges and heads with or without displays are available for all system sizes.

BRITA no longer produce the Purity Finest 600/1200 system, however Jaguar offer the 600, 1200 Finest cartridges, and the Purity C Finest 500 and 1100 cartridges.

For long term protection against limescale build up in dishwashers in hard water areas where the mineral content in the untreated water is not considered critical, the Purity 1200 Clean with 12,000 litres capacity is well worth considering. For hard water areas where the mineral content in untreated water is considered critical the Purity 1200 Clean Extra with 5,000 litre capacity is a good choice. Both options can be installed horizontally or vertically and replacement cartridges are available.

The Purity Steam range is ideal for ensuring combi-ovens and steamers use the best quality water for baking fish, meats and vegetables. The Purity C Steam is ideal for steamers and smaller ovens and is installed as a cartridge only with a replacement filter head available. The C 500 size offers 4,675 litre capacity and the C 1100 offers 7,907 litre capacity. The Purity Steam is ideal for larger ovens and combi-ovens and is available as a system either with or without display with replacement cartridges available. The 600 size offers a 5,771 litre capacity and the 1200 offers a 10,800 capacity.

For handfill coffee and espresso machines BRITA offer three ranges - the Aqua Gusto, Aqua Aroma and Aqua Vend. The Aqua Gusto is available with 100 litre and 250 litre capacity with both options available in single packs or packs of 60. Simple to use, with no adaptor or assembly required, the Aqua Gusto protects machines from limescale and ensures great quality flavour, aroma and appearance with every cup of coffee. Aqua Aroma and Aqua Aroma Crema cartridges offer between 80-140 litre capacity and improve water quality in handfill machines while ensuring the milk and cream do not separate in the final drink. The Aqua Aroma offers a fixed bypass while the Aqua Aroma Crema is adjustable to suit different water hardness levels. Aqua Vend is ideal for cold water machines and offers an impressive capacity of 10,000 litres.

To supplement this comprehensive range of filters, Jaguar offer a full selection of BRITA accessories and spares including water hardness test kits, handle sets, replacement valves, hose adaptors and much more.

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Brita Commercial Water Filters

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