With a compact and modern design, the Eureka DISKO is ideal for baristas and home users that wish to speed up their work¬flow and obtain reliable result during coffee extraction by removing the pressing variable. Also avoids unnecessary fatigue in high-volume coffee shops

HIGH TAMPING SPEED: just 1.5 seconds. Your workflow gains speed.

AUTOMATIC FILTERHOLDER RECOGNITION (thanks to metallic reader sensor): enhance speed and safety during workflow.

CUSTOMISABLE PRESSING FORCE: from 10 to 30 kilos, to get an even and consistent tamping.

  • COMPACT AND MODERN DESIGN: it fits easily in every barista's workspace.

POSSIBILITY TO SELECT BETWEEN SINGLE OR DOUBLE TAMPING (sequential): choose the tamping profile you prefer.

HIGH-SPEED MAINTENANCE: the "Clean mode" enables the user to lower and remove the tamping disk easily and effortlessly.

UNIVERSAL FORK: easily adjustable in height, compatible with any kind of filterholder (single/double/naked).

LIMITLESS TAMPS PER DAY: use it how often you need in your workspace.

MADE TO LAST: Disko can keep up for at least 200'000 tamps, to support high consumption shops and chains.

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