Carbon X

Jaguar offer two Carbon X filters with a lifetime capacity of up 7,000 litres or six months, and operate in water temperatures of up to 38°C.

Carbon X uses KX 1 carbon blocks to reduce contaminants and produce clean tasting odourless water. Cartridge replacement is quick and simple and Carbon X filters should be used in conjunction with the Carbon X valve filter heads, please note Jaguar do not supply these.

Carbon X Carbon Block filters are ideal for cold drinks, drinking fountains, vending machines, hot water boilers and ice machines. They reduce contaminants including chlorine, chloro-organic compounds, herbicides, insecticides, pesticides, organic acids and dissolved oils.

The Carbon X Carbon Block and Scale Inhibitor offers the same great features as the Carbon Block only filter but with the addition of a polyphosphate scale inhibitor for scale control.

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