The right barista apron serves two purposes, the first is to protect baristas against tools of the trade such as hot water and steamed milk potentially damaging clothes or skin, the second is to make the barista look great and feel professional!

A selection of barista aprons from Jaguar Espresso not only provide practical features such as handy pockets to keep the most frequently used kit within easy reach, but they are also made from tough, durable materials and offer designs that stand out from the crowd. Choose from a premium quality range of denim or denim and leather aprons that are hand made with tactile features such as the styling of the front pockets, to the lining on the inside, and the subtle variations in the colour of the material in each unique apron. If you want to add a logo to your denim and leather aprons custom options are available when ordering 10 pieces or more. Alternatively, if sustainability is important for your customers; check out the eye-catching barista aprons made from recycled coffee sacks, featuring authentic patterns and words.

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