Welcome to our new website

Whether it’s your first time visiting or you’ve been a customer for the last 20 years, you’re probably wondering, ‘this looks different – am I in the right place, and what’s new?’ So this post is to update and inform you of the exciting changes we’ve made to the website and highlight ways you can get more out of your safe and secure shopping experience with Jaguar Espresso. Let’s get straight into it!


1. A fresh new look and feel

Following our brand refresh in 2017, we were keen to roll the new branding out across the website and style it so that our customers, suppliers and other visitors from the UK Speciality Coffee and Tea industry know instantly that they’ve landed in the right place. We very much hope you like the result.

Making the new site as user friendly as possible was (and continues to be!) a priority, and to this end every single page has been re-designed with new, clearer navigation to signpost key information more clearly. In short it’s now easier to find, select, and order products no matter whether you are browsing on mobile, tablet or desktop.


2. More account management functions

All the features from the old website have been retained but are presented in a new, easier to read format in a grey panel down the left hand side of the dashboard page, see the example page below. In addition some functionality has been surfaced to make it more visible and accessible. Examples of this include Store Credit, Addresses, Favourites, Invoices & Credits, Aged Debt and more. Customers will now be able to change their personal details and mailing preferences themselves as they wish.

This gives logged in customers complete control over their account data and fully complies with the latest UK GDPR legislation.


3. Easier ways to find products

This was the top priority when it came to re-designing the Jaguar website. With 20,000+ products the aim was to save customers as much time as possible by making it very quick to find products and place orders.

To achieve this we took the view that ‘less is more’, and streamlined the product category headings to make it easy to find what you want.

So, finding vending spares is no more complicated than clicking ‘Coffee Machine Spares’ on the main navigation bar and selecting ‘Vending Machines Spares’ or ‘Universal Vending Spares’ as required. Equally, those looking for a coffee drippers will quickly find it in ‘Coffee Brewing’ under ‘Coffee and Tea Kit-N-Caboodle’.


     – Smart search

Being restricted to searching exact search terms or codes to find the products required is now a thing of the past! Type in any code or term into the search bar, and a list of relevant products will be presented to you in a drop-down menu, with the most relevant at the top, see the example below. To find out more about the products you want just click on the products in the drop down list to go to the product pages, gather the information you need, and place your order. Want to see the entire list of related products? Just hit ‘show all results’ to view the entire list of relevant products.

Looking for something we no longer stock? No problem. When a product is no longer available, searching the code will take you to the best equivalent, meaning you don’t have to stress out and spend a lot of time finding a suitable replacement.


     – Search by manufacturer

Most Jaguar customers know what they want when they visit our website. Engineers understandably like to search for spares by brand, and the best way to do this is to go to ‘Coffee Machine Spares>Espresso Machine Spares’ and click on the manufacturer:


…And then search for the relevant product category as per the Ascaso example below:

Previously it was only possible to do this for espresso machine spares, however the new website offers vending machine spares, grinder spares, automatic machine spares and boiler & brewer spares all sorted by manufacturer, with a Universal Vending Spares category added to the Universal Espresso Spares section.

So as long as engineers know the machine brand name they need parts for it will be a quicker and easier job to find parts.


     – New product categories

Manufacturer chosen, customers will find plenty of new product categories to help them get straight to the products. There are now entirely new product categories for larger sections such as Bravilor spares and this logic has been applied across every manufacturer to make life easier. A few examples include:


     – Search using new filters

Scrolling through multiple pages in large categories to find the product you need is no longer required! Filters, shown in the left hand panel in the example below, allow browsers to select a refined subset of products and the website will only present the smaller number of selected products on the page, saving users time and effort:


4. Easier ways to order

Line drawings are one of the most popular features on the website, so we have made them more user friendly than ever before. Now sorted by machine type and then manufacturer, customers can easily find the machine spares they need to see drawings for.

Previously drawings were a great way for customers to find codes for the parts of any machine, which they could then search for. Now customers can find the code they need on the drawing and in the right-hand menu – clicking on either jumps straight to the product page so you can order it immediately, see below:

Found a spare part on the website and want to see what else you might need for the job? No problem, just view the list on each product of any technical drawings they appear in, so if you want to get to a parts machine drawing, you can jump right there, see an example below:


     – Even faster Quick Order function

For maximum convenience Quick Order is now presented in one easy form with more ways for you to get the products you need into your basket and get through checkout quickly.

Just enter the product details you need and select the quantity. A new feature allows customers to key in words OR order codes to search for products, and if you need more product information just click on the drop down selector, e.g. in the example above click on ‘Puly Caff Grp Head Cleaner 900g’.

Customers can also submit several codes in one go via the ‘Enter Multiple SKU’s’ text box. This feature, and Order By CSV, which works as before, automatically adds the products onto a single editable list, meaning customers can quickly create orders for multiple parts and add them straight to their carts directly from the Quick Order page without having to go to individual product or product list pages.


     – New “My Spares” Section

Some distributor customers need end user customer-specific parts to be available and bespoke kits building, and the new website makes this process easy.

Customers that have parts or kits set up specifically for them will see the ‘My Spares’ link appear in the top menu when they log in to their account. Clicking this opens a page that displays these items and makes re-ordering them a doddle.

Interested in setting up new parts or having us build a kit for you? Email us now at [email protected] and we will get your kit set up quickly and efficiently.


5. Time to explore….*securely*

The website is hosted on HP Proliant server hardware with Cisco firewalls providing security and intrusion detection, housed within ISO27001 certified Tier 1 data centres.

Customer credit card information is ONLY held by SagePay, Jaguar keep no record of credit card details and these are NOT recorded or stored on our website. All transactions on the Jaguar website are processed directly through SagePay’s own highly secure payments website.

Jaguar advise all customers to protect their account passwords and change them regularly, using random alpha numeric sequences and a minimum of ten characters.

On a lighter note we hope you find this post useful! We want the website to be more welcoming, more comprehensive and more user-friendly than ever before, and if you have any comments or feedback please let us know.